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Canada was planning to institute euthanasia for mental illness alone on March 17, 2024, but Canada's Health Minister, Mark Holland, has introduced a bill that would delay the implementation of euthanasia for mental illness until March, 2027.
In December 2023, the investigative journalism nonprofit Project Veritas (PV) released video footage of the management of a Kansas City, MO Planned Parenthood seeming to express that abortion trafficking occurs "every day."
Bishop Michael Burbidge, chair the USCCB pro-life committee, issued a statement condemning Biden's position on abortion after a campaign event in Manassas, VA located in the bishop's diocese of Arlington.
Inspectors with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have arrested one paid petition circulator and issued an arrest warrant for a second individual for submitting fraudulent signatures in their drive to enshrine late-term abortion in the state.
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody's office went before the state's highest court on Wednesday to stop a vague ballot measure that, if it passes, will allow abortion on demand in Florida. Moody, who has challenged ballot initiatives before, called the proposed amendment "one of the worst I have seen," noting that it misleads Floridians and fails to stick to the state's single-subject requirement for ballot measures.
They had said all I would see would be blood clots like a heavy period. No one had warned me that I would see my recognizable baby.
The Daily Signal's Mary Margaret Olohan wrote Monday that the DOJ "advised" the D.C. Medical Examiner "to discard the remains of aborted preemie-sized babies, according to an attorney with the Thomas More Society."
The nation's highest court will hear oral arguments this Spring in a case that could put a halt to mail-order abortions that kill babies and injure or kill women.
That day at the abortion center, Paul Vaughn wasn't arrested—he didn't block anyone, and he wasn't even charged with trespass.
I was nervous. But not because I was there for an abortion. I was undercover. It was January 2022, and I had agreed to partner with Live Action to secretly record my visit to this Washington clinic in hopes of showing people the true nature of late-term abortion.