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Great news: The American Medical Association (AMA) upheld their opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia.
'You have broken your promise to the American people not to politicize the military, and your actions have harmed and threaten to further harm institutional norms within our democracy,' the letter states.
According to a new House report, multiple government agencies worked together to unfairly censor conservatives during the 2020 election cycle under the guise of fighting "disinformation."
Mark and Ryan-Marie Houck believe they were targeted by the Biden DOJ in an effort to intimidate, silence, and scare the family for their pro-life work—praying outside abortion clinics for the women headed inside to abort their unborn babies.
As someone adopted from the foster care system, I reject the pro-abortion rhetoric that abortion is somehow a better option than adoption.
Moody told the state's highest court that it should not allow the measure on the 2024 ballot because the language of the proposal is misleading.
What have we done to these kids? What has our society put them through? This is the reality of the transgender movement: Tens of thousands of lives destroyed – and counting.
Pro-life rescuer and defendant in the third D.C. FACE Act trial Paulette Harlow, 75, told LifeSiteNews that she wants women to know the truth about abortion.
The Supreme Court will hear Murthy v. Missouri but will also allow the Biden administration to continue encouraging Big Tech to censor disfavored speech until the case is decided

Many people do not realize the current and future consequences of a generation raised on digital pornography; we must continue driving this point home