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When it comes to the politics of abortion, Carlson said he's shocked at how Democrats are 100% sold on promoting abortions up to birth.
Trump is suggesting that the pro-life groups that fervently fight abortion each and every day to save as many babies as possible care more about money. Never mind the enormous sacrifice pro-life Americans make to protect unborn children and help pregnant women every day at pregnancy centers across the country.
A long-term solution to the demographic crisis is right in front of us. It is eminently logical and based on common sense, easily explained by a pronatalist couple from Pennsylvania
Alyona Dixon, 24, died on September 28, 2022 after complications from the abortion forced her to seek emergency medical treatment four days after the abortion at Planned Parenthood. Her family is now suing the Las Vegas hospital that treated her
The Biden administration has used the FACE Act to justify the arrests of numerous pro-life activists and protestors. While some, such as Mark Houck, were subsequently acquitted, others, such as Lauren Handy and her four co-defendants, were convicted on their charges and face significant prison sentences.
The reactions to comments from former President Donald Trump condemning the Florida heartbeat law have been quite intense
Instead of prosecuting abortion activists responsible for these attacks, Joe Biden is putting pro-life Americans in prison for protesting abortion. And the latest people prosecuted under the FACE law include two pro-life grandmas.
In a new interview with NBC's Meet the Press, the former president denounced Florida's heartbeat law protecting unborn children from abortion after six weeks when their heartbeat can be detected, calling it "a terrible thing" and "a terrible mistake."
The three may spend a decade in prison for rescuing babies from abortion as the Biden administration continues its biased endorsement of a federal law that targets pro-life Americans who protest abortion businesses.
It appears that attempts in some quarters of the GOP to rebrand the term "pro-life" to "pro-baby" is not settling well among many liberals and conservatives alike. Democrats, such as former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, are openly mocking this potential switch, comparing unborn babies to "a lump of coal." At the same time, conservatives claim this rebrand would not solve the "larger problem."