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The research about babies they're trying to hide

By Josef Lipp
A sincere message from Josef Lipp, Chief Operating Officer of LiveAction.org with a link to a great video you can share with your children and grandchildren. In just a few minutes, it shows the development of a human life in the womb from the moment of conception.
The research about babies they're trying to hide

Did you know many people still argue about when life begins? 


The media likes to talk about that question as if there were no right answer. Pundits say things like, “it depends on your religious background or political party affiliation.” Still, others say that life begins, “whenever you think it does.” 


The strangest thing to me about this “debate” is that science has long settled the question of when your life began: the moment of fertilization.


From that moment, your life came into existence. Not before and definitely not after. Why is it then that our culture proudly proclaims, “Trust science!” but refuses to do so when answering this simple question?

I think it’s because once our culture admits that science is true, that life begins at fertilization, we also have to admit that abortion kills a human life. No matter if it takes place in the first trimester or moments before birth, a human being dies. 


And that’s a scientific fact.


Our team put together a unique and breathtaking video showing a baby girl’s life in the womb. 


If you have kids, this is a GREAT video to watch with them. They will love seeing how baby Olivia grows, learns, and plays inside the safety of her mommy’s womb. 


Here’s the link: https://babyolivia.liveaction.org/