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Looking to Reverse the Abortion Pill?

If you're having second thoughts, Verity Pregnancy & Medical Resource Center has a solution -- a true miracle
Looking to Reverse the Abortion Pill?

Did you know that there is something called Abortion Pill Reversal? Maybe you didn’t even know that more than half of all abortions occur by a woman taking a series of two pills that end the life of her baby. They are often referred to as a DIY abortion because a woman experiences the effect of these pills at home, often alone. It is a horrible and risky experience. Often, during the process, she will experience regret. Praise God, she can now obtain help through Abortion Pill Reversal (APR). Time is of the essence. A woman has no more than 72 hours to obtain the help APR provides. Thousands of children have been rescued as a result of this life-saving protocol.


Recently, our local APR prpvoder, Dr. Sue Hook with Samaritan Health and Wellness, reached out to tell us she had started the protocol on a young woman who would need an ultrasound. This precious woman called Verity and came for the ultrasound, and fortunately saw the beating heart and moving baby! She had only taken the first pill and immediately regretted her decision. But now, she could see that the medication to help rescue her baby was working. She returned about a week later for a follow-up ultrasound and that heart was still beating! Mom expressed deep gratitude for all the help she received, and we are so grateful to have the means to be part of providing such care.


This gets even better…

Verity is completing the final steps to become an APR provider. This means that there will now be an additional provider available to respond to the need for these time-sensitive services. We will have the staff and the medication on site to serve clients immediately. Join us in celebrating the goodness of God for providing us with the capacity to add this critical, life-saving treatment in our own community!


"Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked."  Psalm 82:4